PSP machinery have an excellent diverse machining capacity, our machine shops cranage capacity up to 320 tonnes (i.e 160 tons per 1 crane) also allows ease of handling large components. PSP machinery is able to offer all of the following operations, vertical boring, horizontal boring, turning, milling, grinding,  planing. Having this extremely diverse capacity allows our company the flexibility to match its clients requirements.

List of machines:            

 Type  Parameters Description 
 SR1250/600  d=1250, l=6000, q=14t  horizontal lathe
 SR2000/8000  d=2000, l=8000, q=50t  horizontal lathe
 S3150/6000  d=3150, l=16000, q=60t  horizontal lathe
 SIU700  d=7000, l=18000, q=250t  horizontal lathe
 SK12  d front=1350, d circumference=1250, v=1000, q=4t  vertical lathe
 SKJ20A  d front=2250, d circumference=2150, v=1500, q=5t  vertical lathe
 SK25A  d=2600, v=1600, q=12t (3pcs)  vertical lathe
 SKS25CNC  d=2900, v=1000, q=25t  vertical lathe
 SK40  d=4000, v=2500, q=60t  vertical lathe
 SK50  d=5000, v=3000, q=60t  vertical lathe
 SK63CNC  d=6900, l=5500, v=4200, q=60t  vertical lathe
 SCHIESS  d=20000, v=5000  vertical lathe
 SKJ50/100  d=4770, l=3350, q=100t  vertical lathe
 SKJT80/160  d=16000, v=6300, q=250t  vertical lathe
 SKIQ16CNC  d front=1900, d circumference=1900, v=1260 q=16t  vertical lathe
 VR104A  d=100, l=510-4000, v=710-2810, morse 6  radial boring machine
 VH100  1000x1250, x=1000, y=900, q=3t  horizontal boring machine
 Kollmann CNC  x=3000, y=2950, 2000ot/min  horizontal boring machine
 WFQ80NCA  850x1600, x=1600, y=800, 2250ot/min, q=5t  horizontal boring machine
 WD160A  x=3250, y=2300, z=1250, w=1600, v=600ot/min  horizontal boring machine
 W160H  x=3000, y=2500, z=1250, w=1600  horizontal boring machine
 WD200A  x=6000, y=3000, z=1600, w=2000, v=max.600ot/min  horizontal boring machine
 WD200  x=4000, y=3150, z=1600, w=1600  horizontal boring machine
 WD200A CNC  x=5810, y=2780, z=1600, w=1600  horizontal boring machine
 WD250  x=9980, y=4150, z=1600, w=2000, sx 1=5500x12800, q=60t  horizontal boring machine
 W200GNR A/B  x=21459, y=4220, z=1600, w=2000, sx1=5000x23500, q=250t  horizontal boring machine
 WRFO160CNC  x=17000, y=8000, z=1600, w=1000 stůl 4x4m q=80t  horizontal boring machine
 STSR 1400  d=1400, v=700  shaping machine
 HZS 3150  s=3150, l=10000, v=2750  plane machine
 HHP 19  l=6000, s=18000, v=100  plane machine
 XRM 320-20  t=12000, s=4000  chamfering machine
 FGS50/63  x=1390, y=500, v=500  milling machine
 FV 1000  1000x3150, x=2800, y=1100, z=800, q=7t  milling machine
 BHU32  d=400, l=2000, q=250kg  grinding machine
 BUT 63  d=660, l=4000, q=2,5t  grinding machine
 Waldrich WSIIIA  d=1000, l=8000, q=10t, oběžnýpr.1160  grinding machine
 BDA400  d=630, hole l=375, q=40kg  grinding machine
 OERLIKON K4a  d=1500, m= 2-30  gear milling machine
 FO16  d=1600, m=max.16  gear milling machine
 ZFWZ3150x30  m=30, d=3150, s=1400  gear milling machine
 ZFWZ 6300  m=40, d=6300, s=2250  gear milling machine
 ZFWZ 8000/40  m=40, d=8000, s=1300  gear milling machine