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Equipment for mining industry


Mill shells for mining industry

  • AG and SAG for primary grinding of ores
  • ball mill shells for secondary and tertiary grinding
  • rod mill shells
  • peble mill shells

Maximal diameter of mill shell made of one can is 13 m. Bigger shells are split to 180, 120 or 90 degree. Rubber lining 60 shore of 6mm thickness.



Ring motors for mining mills

Ring motors are designed for direct drive of drum mills. The stator consisting of 1 to 4 weldments according to the mill diameter motor, is anchored to the frame. The rotor consisting of polsegments, which are fi xed on the mill drive flange. For example the internal diameter of stator for a mill size of 40 feet is 15.2 m and number of polsegmentsis 24. The parts of ring motors are current collector and sealing rings and side covers.

Production steps of stator:

  • welding of stator parts
  • assembly of stator parts
  • assembly of sttator plates
  • alignment of stator with accuracy up to 0,6 mm
  • winding
  • electrical test

Production steps of polsegments:

  • welding and machining of structure
  • fabrication and assembly of rotor olates
  • winding
  • electrical test

Pulleys for mining hoists

Winding pulleys for mining hoists up to diam. 8 m:

  • weldment
  • precise machining
  • various design-smooth surface, grooves for cable with lebus sleeve, etc.
  • bigger size made of halves connected by flanges

Part of supply is bearing housing and shahfts for pulley seating.


Mining industry

Assembly of SAG mill shellAssembly of SAG mill shell
Transport of SAG millTransport of SAG mill
Mill shell productionMill shell production
Assembly of ring motorAssembly of ring motor
Aligment of ring motorAligment of ring motor
Machining of ring motorMachining of ring motor
Winding of statorWinding of stator
Quality controlQuality control
Assembly of pulleyAssembly of pulley
Machining of pulleyMachining of pulley
Machining of pulleyMachining of pulley
Packing of half of pulleyPacking of half of pulley